Window Restorations of Connecticut


Your Old Wood Windows Restored...
Made Energy Efficient , With Double Pane Glass and Weather Strip Insulation

How Window Restorations of CT Works

Window Restorations of Connecticut

It might sound too good to be true so we will explain both what we do and what we do not do.


We perform all work in our shop or at the job site in our mobile trailer. Our staff is highly trained, courteous and neat. We clean up and guarantee our work.


  1. Shrink the size of the viewing or glass area, as do replacement windows.
  2. Change the “look” of the building, or negatively affect the monetary or historic value.
  3. Change the inside or outside window trim. Existing painting, staining and decorating remain.
  4. Let in the cold or bugs. We do conversions 12 months a year. Storms and screens remain in place during conversion. We can remove them after we’re finished. You won’t need your storm windows once your windows are restored because they will be as energy efficient as today’s windows.

The Invisible Balances, As Illustrated Below:

Historically Accurate Invisible Balance Style


  1. Original wooden window and trim retained
  2. Channel for balance system installed
  3. Double-pane Low-E Glass installed
  4. Invisible balance system installed in channel
  5. This clip is attached to side of window frame (jamboard) and makes sash go up and down.
  6. Original inside window grills
  7. Original window sashes
  8. Original wood trim
  9. New weather stripping: top, middle, bottom and both sides
  10. New insulation in pockets

We can convert virtually any kind of wood window: double-hung, casement (we weather strip them air tight also), picture, arch, odd shapes; you name it. We update old windows to modern technology. However, they still look, and, in fact, are original. See the before and after illustrations below. We can also double- pane doors with tempered glass and weather-strip them airtight.

The simple fact is, once restored, your old windows (with their denser old growth wood) will outlast new wood window which are made of much less durable new growth wood. Many new quality wood windows carry only a 10 year limited warranty. Your old wood windows have already outlasted that by 10-15 times.

The windows will look the same as they do when the house was built after we’re finished converting them.

Cost wise: We’re more than low-end plastic/vinyl windows and usually 20-40% less than quality wood window replacements and some “quality” vinyl replacements.



The Care and craftsmanship really makes a difference. Call 860.523.0703 and start enjoying your wooden windows once again.